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Our Mud Cloth is a wonderful way of bringing West African culture and authenticity into your space. With the use of earthy tones they are a great addition to most spaces as a throw or even as cushions. Each one is unique and has been handmade using traditional techniques by artisans in Mali. 

First the local cotton is loosely spun and then woven in strips from the soft spun cotton. Then the strips are sewn together to create a large piece. The designs are painted, stamped and dip dyed varying combinations and designs through a process of several months. The different types of iron rich muds reacting with each other are what create the different colours. Traditionally these would be worn by the local people but they also make wonderful homewares too.


Approximate size 160-180cm x 100cm

Material 100% cotton, It is also known as Bògòlanfini.