African Fabrics Australia has been a natural evolution combining of our love of textiles, culture, family and adventure. We are a Senegalese Australian family living  on Bunjalung country. We have built connections with Artisans from all over Africa to bring you a unique collection of African handmade products as well as producing our own exclusive range. We work side by side with one of Senegal’s most experienced dyers and his team to create new designs exclusive to African Fabrics Australia. His life has benefitted greatly as a result of partnering with African Fabrics Australia and he has developed skills in working with international clients which have further led to American partnerships. The value of such skill development for African artisans cannot be underestimated.

So, as we build our business, so too are the talented artisans we work with. Through ethical business practices and regular income they grow as we grow. Our mission is to be the bridge that connects the artisans who make these beautiful and unique African products to you our wonderfull customers who appreciate their hand crafted designs, and in return provide them with a regular source of income.

 Samba, who grew up in a small rural village in Senegal, will often have to speak 3-4 different languages to source and produce the amazing products that we bring to you. We are continuing to make new connections across the African continent and we thank you all for joining us on our journey and supporting us to support the wonderful artisans and their families that we work with.

Samba and Megan