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African Baby Bloomers - Nappy Covers

$25.00 AUD

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These BABYBUMS are super cute, handmade from our gorgeous african fabrics. Easy to wash and quick to dry these bloomers are a must for boys and girls in a warm climate. This is a unique hand made product and no two are exactly the same. This print may have yellow red or orange as the main colour. Pair them with our TUMMY TOP.

  • Use as a nappy cover
  • Essential for warm climates
  • Great gift idea


Material 100% cotton

Designed in Australia, Made in Senegal

*We have built Fair Trade agreements with our tailors to ensure our products support the local community. We have based this on a "Fair Trade not Aid" policy. Empowering locals to build successful businesses along side us.


Garment measurements

Waist unstretched - 43cm

Legs unstretched - 22cm